Trees & Shrubs

No garden landscape is complete without trees and shrubs and some climbing vines to anchor the garden design and give it structure. Carefully selected trees, shrubs and vines will provide years of garden service and pleasure.

Blue Star Juniper

Evergreen shrubs make excellent hedges, privacy screens and wind or noise breaks. Some mature quickly into dense hedges and others develop with you, over time. We will help you choose an evergreen that suits your time frame for growth and maintenance.

We carry the following varieties of shrubs:

• Deciduous • Evergreen
• Vines • Small Fruits
• Roses
flowering Crab Tree

Choosing a tree for your yard or garden requires some thought. The tree you select will be with you for years to come, so make sure the size, shape, color and growth habit of the tree is perfect for your needs. Our Garden Center professionals will help you determine the perfect tree for your growing environment.

We carry the following varieties of trees:

• Deciduous • Evergreen
• Ornamental • Fruit