Landscape Rock

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Decorative stone mulches add beauty to any application. Whether it be around your home to create a dry river bed or for use in rock beds and borders, soil stabilization or drainage applications.    

Trees, Shrubs and Vines

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No garden landscape is complete without trees and shrubs and some climbing vines to anchor the garden design and give it structure. Carefully selected trees, shrubs and vines will provide years of garden service and pleasure.   Evergreen shrubs make excellent hedges, privacy screens and wind or noise breaks. Some mature quickly into dense hedges and others develop with you, over time. We will help you choose an evergreen that suits your time frame for growth and maintenance. We carry the following varieties of shrubs: Deciduous Evergreen Vines Small Fruits Roses   Choosing a tree for your yard or garden requires some thought. The tree you select will be with you for years to come, so make sure the size, shape, color and growth habit of the tree is perfect for your needs. Our Garden Center professionals will help you determine the perfect tree for your growing environment. We...


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Many gardeners like perennial flower plants because they return year after year. These wonderful plants go above and beyond the call of duty, blooming for months, if not the whole summer and asking very little in return. Perennial plants should be the backbone of your garden. When you have blocks of color you can count on, you have time to pamper that special annual you just couldn’t resist at the garden center. To get the most bang from your buck, be sure to include some long blooming and repeat blooming perennial flowers in your garden design. Large blocks of color add impact to a garden and the best way to achieve that is with long blooming perennial flowers.Don’t forget all the great perennials for shade, perennials with great foliage and perennials for containers. Here are a few of the many perennials we carry in our Garden Center: Perennials that Attract Butterflies...


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What is your summer garden without annuals? Like a princess without her tiara and jewels, it is just not dressed for the part. A true annual is a plant that completes its life cycle in one year. This means it goes from seed to seed and then dies off, during the course of one growing season. The whole mission of an annual is to produce seed and propagate. Annual flowers give you the opportunity to have a totally different garden every year. The non-stop blooms of annual flowers punctuate the border and rim the walk, they dangle from the porch pots and collar the shrubs. Cheerfully and gracefully they ornament plantings in a way perennials would be hard-put to duplicate. Here are a few of the many annuals we carry in our Garden Center: Foliage Alternanthera – Purple Knight Asparagus Fern Begonia – Gryphon Coleus – Various Varieties Cordyline – Red Sensation Ivies – German, Swedish,...